Acid Wash

Over time, the plaster in your pool can be stained by algae, minerals, dirt, and even chlorine. When scrubbing with cleaners just doesn't seem to do the trick anymore, it may be time for an acid wash.

By using controlled amounts of Potassium Permanganate or Chlorine bleaching agents, all of the unsightly stains are cleaned away, leaving your pool looking brand new.

our trained professionals take the utmost care in washing your pool, removing even the most stubborn stains.

Tile Cleaning

Your pool tile is much less sustainable to stains compared to the rest of your pool, but the horrors of that ugly white calcium buildup. Such buildup accrues due to a number of factors, but the culprit more often than not tends to be hard water, water with a high mineral content.

Using specialized abrasive blasting systems, we bead blast away all the rock solid calcium off of your tile, leaving them looking brand new! By blasting a high output, low pressure stream of ultra fine glass beads at your tile, calcium, oil, and dirt are completely removed from tile and grout.

The costs of re-tiling a whole pool can easily run into the thousands, and take days if not weeks to complete. But bead blasting can be done in less than a day at a fraction of the cost.

Tile Repair

Over time, it's possible for the grout holding your pool tile in place to weaken, causing pool tile to lose its much needed grip and fall away. Cracks in tile can easily lead to grout damage, as water and minerals seep in through the cracks, slowly weakening the bond over time. Soon enough, your precious tile file fall away, leaving behind an ugly exposed mess of tile grout.

After draining enough water to expose your damaged tile, we carefully replace it, ensuring it has a strong bond and meshes with the rest of your tile seamlessly, looking good as new!